Saturday, 8 December 2012


This jersey wrap dress has something of a seventies vibe to it.
And no name sums up the seventies more for me than the name Christine.
I swear that every one of my friend's mums was called Christine.
I think if I'd been christened Christine I would have opted for Christie.
Much better to be associated with a supermodel than a psycho-car.
Here's another shot of my coat, this time with the hat.
Christine meets Cossack.
Boots - Clarks
Coat - Debenhams
Hat - Asos
Dress- Gap


  1. Wow - you are doing Dressember so well! Have enjoyed catching up on your dresses to date. And I'm LOVING that coat - it's stunning on you and perfect with your hat. Have a great weekend Jane, Avril x

  2. I love your coat and hat!
    The dress is really pretty, too. I'm liking Dressember!

  3. Christine looks lovely, and comfy with it - both good characteristics in a dress I find! My mums friends we all called Chris as well!

  4. I love that dress, and how funny about the Christine dress!

  5. Haha on the Christine, love that movie. I love your boots. It looks really cute with the blue :)