Saturday, 1 December 2012


It's Dressember.

I pledge to wear a dress a day for the whole of December.
I have to confess - this should be easy.
I love dresses.
I love my dresses so much they are like friends.
So much so I think I will start to name them.
Today's dress is one of my old favourites.
I could have worn this in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s as well as the noughties.
Denim dresses are timeless.

When I think of denim I think 1970s.
I think Farrah Fawcett Majors and Charlie's Angels.
If only I had been 5ft 4in I would have joined the police, just like the little girls who went to the police academy.
Maybe that's why I ended up marrying a police officer!
Dress: Primark
Boots: Clarks


  1. I wish I could make this pledge but I am such a pants girl.

  2. i like your idea of wearing a dress every day and i would join in when the wheather wouldn't be as cold as it is now. probably i have to wear pants from time to time. i love your denim dress. you look amazing! particularly i love it paired with this pretty brown boots. have a nice sunday!

  3. Oh yes I totally agree about Denim dresses! I tried to get your Tesco tunic one online but sadly wasn't to be xx

  4. I love your denim dress and I agree its a classic. I don't feel comfortable in them...they just don't work with my pear shaped body. I've been trying to find a chambray dress get a similar look.

    I could almost take this pledge too. I don't know if I can do every single day...because it gets super cold in the midwest....but I'm going to try for 90%.

    Looking forward to see how you pull this off!

    1. and by the way....I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel too...but was too short. So I decided to become a paramedic instead. A pretty good substitute, I think. (Except for the uniforms).

  5. That denim dress really suits you! I adored Charlie's Angels, too. I had a Charlie's Angels catsuit, tote bag and a Farah doll too! x

  6. She was the Charlies angel I always wanted to be

    x x

  7. Like the dress but agree with Lisa, somehow they never fit me. I do have a couple of denim skirts though. It will be fun seeing you in dresses all month.