Monday, 10 December 2012

Clothes Show Report And Giveaway

I was first introduced to the clothes show in the late 1980s when it existed as a BBC programme.
Barely out of my teens and still at university I had finally found a programme that indulged my love of clothes with a relevant commentary on style and fashion in the form of presenter, Caryn Franklin.
And I was thrilled to discover she would be at the 2012 event.
As I boarded the Birmingham-bound coach wearing a coat that was older than most of my fellow passengers I felt reassured that I wouldn’t be alone in the vintage section.
And initially I wasn’t disappointed as the first talk my daughter and I attended was a presentation by Caryn, one of the co-founders of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk , an organisation which celebrates diversity and fashion.
She introduced a short film by Rankin which celebrated the relevance of fashion for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.
 I felt exhilarated.
There would be something for me amidst the sea of teenage fashionistas.
As Caryn left the stage there was a polite trickle of applause from the scattered audience and she cut a forlorn figure as she disappeared.
Fast forward three hours later and the seated area around the stage was standing room only as a jaunty model-like presenter introduced the special guest – Amy Childs.
And as the pneumatic red-head shuffled onto the stage Jessica Rabbit-style in her glittery frock I felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness as the crowd hung on her every ground-breaking utterance, from the revelation that her new friends, Jedward spoke to her every week on a shared phone to the "Shut Up" front page news that she had just finished filming a celebrity version of “Wedding Planna.”
 Still it was one show where I got a front row seat, having plonked myself down a good 30 minutes before to rest my weary old legs.
Next on the itinerary was the main event, THE FASHION SHOW, which I have to admit was a masterpiece of choreography played out against the theme of a day in the life of a fashion magazine.
However, there was only one walk on that catwalk and it belonged to a world where none of its inhabitants were under 5ft 9 or over 8 stone.
Still, my faith was restored in the form of eccentric inventor and 2011 Apprentice winner, Tom Pellerau who took time to talk to me about the creative impact his dyslexia has had on his career. He was a lovely man.
To celebrate my mixed bag of a day I am giving away a selection of items from my Clothes Show goody bags and a scarf I bought.
The contents are below but if you want be in the draw you just have to be a follower of my blog.
So follow my blog and leave a comment in the box.
If you are already a follower just leave your name.
This giveaway is open to international entries and I will do my best to get it to you by Christmas.
The closing date is midnight on December 17th when I will pull out the name of one winner.
Canvas Bag
Tom Pellerau Emergency Stylfile
Sample of Womanity by Thierry Mugler
Pack of 50 Shine Absorbing Sheets
Ice Blue Barry M Kohl Pencil
Coral Barry M Kohl Pencil
Lime Green Barry M Kohl Pencil
Blue Jemma Kidd  Define Eyeliner


  1. How I wish the clothes show would go back onto the tele I too remember,it and was an avid viwer. I used to go to NEC and loved it live now at 71 and a useless back, I can't go anymore,thankyou for sharing your visit , love Jan xx

  2. So; i got the answer to my question.. I now know what the Clothes Show is :)

  3. Glad you had a great time - I used to love the clothes show too, and would have been there with you seeing Caryn! I've just "followed" you, although I've been reading for years!

  4. I remember The Clothes Show well, with Jeff Banks and Caryn Franklin, I always really liked her intelligence and style. Mainstream fashion just can't shift itself out of its youth and thinness-obsessed rut though, which is why I don't bother with it any more!
    You looked as stylish as any starving hungry teen model, Jane, AND you got a photo with lovely Tom from The Apprentice! There aren't many candidates on that show who can be described as lovely, in fact I suspect he's the only one! xxxx

  5. How fantastic to have met the lovely Tom! I loved The Clothes Show in it's day, I met Jeff Banks way back then and he told me he liked my hair! Love Caryn Franklin and her fab dress sense, it's auch a shame that Clothes Show Live is so depressingly mainstream full of kids in identically drab clothing screaming at non-entities I've never heard of. x

  6. I follow your blog through feedly! i get all your posts that way. I have really appreciated jane mcgraw's take on fashion lately - you might find her of interest. I think i remember th fashion show, but as i'm in the southern hemisphere i don't think we got that many episodes.

  7. Glad you enjoyed most of your day. It is rather sad when you looks at a few of the fashion icons now isn't to? Or is that just a sign I am getting old? Please don;t answer that!

    X x

  8. oh, now i see what a clothes show meant. i don't think we have a show like that in germany. good to know that you had a great time and you look amazing - althoug with "weary old legs".

  9. Its frightening to think how old "The Clothes Show" is now! I absolutely loved it and Caryn definitely inspired my often rather odd teenage fashion - it hasn't changed that much at 42 either although I have a slightly higher shopping budget now.

  10. Fun reading about the Clothes Show. You looked like a model yourself. I just signed on a a Follower. I can't believe I hadn't done that before.


  11. So funny about he The Clothes Show. Would love to win this. Thanks.

  12. I once went years ago, its an awful long way from where I live but it was a good day x