Saturday, 29 December 2012

Loulou Christmas

Loulou again.
The third time this month.
It is just so easy to wear and fortunately Boden have reduced the dress in the sale.
I have just ordered a new one for 2013 using my Christmas money.
Today it comes adorned with Christmas gifts.
The lovely scarf is from my son's girlfriend, Sophie while the Cath Kidston mug was a "gift" from my daughter.
I say gift because she popped it into the trolley at Waitrose and said she wanted to buy it for me for Christmas.
She  said she would pay me back after Christmas.
I am still waiting.
Boots - Clarks
Dress - Boden
Scarf - New Look


  1. Such a cute mug, that's kids for you but the sentiment was there! I haven't even checked out the boden sale yet!

  2. Lol at the mug story! Lovely dress and fabulous scarf, Avril x

  3. A wise investment! That scarf is lovely and hope you get reimbursed soon! x

  4. Loulou is one of those perfect and most wearable dresses.
    Funny how kids buy us our "gifts" sometimes.
    You look lovely as usual.