Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Week 4: Tuesday

Another day.
After last night I wasn't sure I would feel so bright and cheerful today.
Another teenage tantrum over a confiscated mobile phone!
Wasn't life so much easier before mobile phones, home computers, X-boxes, laptops etc?
I could go on.
But then I would sound just like my mum about 30 years ago.
And If I need another reminder of sinking into middle age I need only look at my waistline.
Not that it is any miracle weight gain, just the combined effect of eating too much food, drinking too much red wine and moving far less than I used to.
I know what I need to do.
But where has my willpower gone?

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Dress - Tesco
Shirt - M & Co
Belt - Zara


  1. The dress is a beautiful color. thankfully all of our children were fully grown before cell phones became a necessity in their teenaged lives.

  2. The joys of teenagers eh!

    Great dress and such a lovely colour too.

    X x

  3. I really do not know what the usual thing to do in the classroom with cels is... what is the standing policy ?
    In my head it would be turn them off or on vibrator the moment you walk into class or just toss them in a box as you walk in (also in silent mode...)
    I think it has nothing to do with age, but with manners, its just being courteous.

  4. We aren't on to phones yet, all our battles are Xbox related...
    I can recall my mum moaning that I watched too much telly as a kid - and there was practically nothing on in those days! Plus ca change...
    Lovely bright colour, works great with the tan and hint of leopard! xx

  5. You LOOK cheerful, sometimes that is half the battle. Our teen GD gives her parents fits but when she visits us she's an angel. Figures doesn't it? Early on we established out house as a cell free zone.