Friday, 13 January 2012

2012: Week Two

A busy week at college.
We finally completed the UCAS forms.
On top of my normal duties since October I have guided 40 students through their personal statements, written their references and checked their forms.
I pushed the final button on the final form today.
I have volunteered to take one of the Reading Groups in March and will be leading an hour long discussion on "The Yellow Wallpaper."
And today I had a meeting with the Head of English and from next term I will be running the college's creative writing group.
I feel tired but blessed to be doing such a wonderful job.


  1. Sounds like stressful yet rewarding week. Thank the lord for tutors like you.

    X x

  2. i can comment! You are the sort of cheerleader our community college students need. Wish I could be a little mouse in the corner during a discussion of "the Yellow Wallpaper."

  3. Lots of red this week! I like how your weekly outfits coordinate :)
    I'm thinking the most challenging work can also be the most rewarding. Hope this week is less stressful!