Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Day Ten

I am not feeling down - even though I may look it.
Actually, I am very happy.
1. It is spring.
2. I don't have to worry about what to wear as it is planned out for the next few days.
3. Today is the ifnal day of a three month project at a local primary school helping them create a magazine.
4. I can tighten my belt one extra notch - so the diet must be working.
5. In less than two weeks I will be in Austria working on a travel feature.
Thank you so much to everyone who reminded me of blogs that I had not included.
I think everyone is there now and we have the grand total of 40.
But back to my original question.
Why am I looking down?
The answer is that yesterday when I was getting Joe's birthday cake out of the fridge I tripped and fell straight into the corner of the fridge door.
Obviously I didn't want to drop the cake so my cheek got it.
I now have a very angry red and purple bruise which just doesn't go with my colour scheme.
Don't worry I will be looking up soon!
Today I wore:
Boots - Tesco
Dress - New Look
Scarf - Peacocks
Belt - Primark
Slip showing


  1. Hi there-you look great, hope the cheek gets better!

  2. Sorry to hear you bruised yourself.
    Your capsule wardrobe is amazing, 10 days have gone and still you come with diferent outfits.
    Lokk lovely as always.

  3. sorry for the mishap! Face bruises/cuts/etc are the worst because the whole world has to ask you what happened- whereas other places you can cover it up.

    You have been so creative with this challenge jane, I'm just plain stunned. I am going to start MY capsule challenge in a week or two when things settle down- I am determined to do it, it was so fun last time!

  4. Ouch! Oh that was so sweet of you to save the cake! You're my super mom of the month! Saving cake from accidental demise...turning 15 items into a dozen or more outfits...inspiring women all over the world. Thank you!

  5. This outfit makes you look so tall and lean!! Oh, and I still LOVE that scarf!!

  6. Ouch! Love that you got 10 looks from your style capsule.

  7. Hope the cheek feels better fast! I like the dress and scarf combo... very chic!

  8. Ouch hope it feels better/heals soon!

    Love the scarf - and you are such a skinny minny nowadays :D

    CC xXx

  9. You look great! I'm loving that checked scarf. I'll be posting my final look as soon as I get back to Richmond, so look alive! :)


  10. I hope he appreciates your sacrifice for his perfect cake.

  11. Oh, no - what a shame about your face! I hope that you heal up quickly.

    I love the smart mix of black and brown in this outfit. This is a great example of why mixing those neutrals can work very well!

  12. Hi! Cool dress, I love black! :)