Monday, 8 March 2010

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Day Eight

I have vowed to go on until I have exhausted the possibilities of my capsule and I think there are at least another three outfits to come.
I spent the weekend checking out everyone's fabulous collections and I am in the process of writing a round-up feature for this weekend.
I will also be naming the two prize winners.
I will choose the one challenger who has inspired me the most.
And a second random selection from all who took part.
Finally, thank you so much to everyone who took part - it was so much bigger than last time with almost 40 people participating.
And before I sign off today to attend an event for International Women's Day I would like to announce an even more important event taking place today - my son Joe will be 15.
I haven't posted a photo of Joe to share as he is a little shy.
Joe was born as he continues to live his life - in the fast lane.
One Wednesday evening after reading a bedtime story to my then three-year-old I went into labour during Coronation Street (7.30pm) and by the 9 O'Clock News Joe was enjoying his first feed.
Joe is a talented footballer and once had trials for Liverpool FC.
He is also very clever (taking three GCSE's a year early this year) and a complete chocoholic.
This weekend I helped my youngest son Ben (who wants to be a chef) create a huge chocolate cake as a birthday surprise.
Happy Birthday Joe!

I wore:
Boots - Tesco
Dress - FCUK
Necklace - Top Shop
Slip showing underneath


  1. You are doing great guns! Plus Happy Birthday to Joe x

  2. Happy birthday Joe!

    I love this outfit... and you still have three more to go... you are awesome. xoxo

  3. Great dress! I can't believe this is stilll from your capsule wardrobe - you are so creative!

  4. I've just discovered your blog and have been finding this challenge in particular so inspiring - am going to have to force myself to do some creative wardrobe remixing, methinks!

    Can I just ask, though - where did you manage find a dark brown slip? I could really do with one, but finding a plainish slip that's not black, white or nude seems bizarrely tricky!

  5. Such a fabulously arty silhouette! And I love dusty purple with browns and tans.

  6. Jane, I know I'm a bit late but I wanted to post a link to my 5 day challenge roundup. Bella alerted us at about the challenge. Here's a roundup of my outfits:

    A more detailed breakdown of the items used is available here:

    Thank you so much for such a fun challenge!

  7. Love that you're continuing the challenge! yay for birthdays and chocolate cake!

  8. You look great! Keep remixing like a champion! Must be nice to have an aspiring chef in the family, that cake looks tempting.
    Do I need to send you photos from my challenge or do you just take them from my blog?

  9. Well done to everyone on the challenge and a Happy Birthday to your son too!

  10. I adore those boots. Fabulous look. And happy bday to your lil' man!

  11. Another great outfit! And a very (slightly belated) happy birthday to your boy!

  12. Happy Birthday, Jo! Hope you had a great day. Love the cake, Ben. My birthday will be soon, can I one like that as well please? Ciao, Jane. A.

  13. I applaud your remixing abilities!
    11 outfits out of 15 pieces is fantastic.

    Next time I'll plan to go longer, I definitely believe that I can.

    And happy birthday Joe!

  14. Happy Birthday, Joe!!

    Oh, and I love that you're keeping with the challenge. This one looks great!

  15. You are truly unstoppable with your capsule wardrobe combinations. Jane, can I borrow you to create a capsule for me next time I'm packing for a vacation? ;)

    Happy Birthday to your son! That looks like an absolutely delicious cake for a chocolate nut. I hope that you're enjoying your family celebration.

    (In answer to your question, he had to pick a classic novel to read for an assignment and correctly thought that he'd win points with me by selecting a Jane Austen novel. I was very amused!)

  16. This is a great look, love the dress. I'm trying to wean myself off of black, black, black and this inspires me.


  17. Love the way the cardigan is in the first picture best. I love to see the way you put these looks together.