Friday, 5 March 2010

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Day Five

The finish line is in sight.
But like Forest Gump I am going to carry on and on and on.
I think there are four or five more combinations I'd like to try before I give up the challenge.
For those who have finished the Five Day Challenge - CONGRATULATIONS!
I have been following the posts with interest and am looking forward to compiling the round-up next weekend.
For those of you who are joining me on the extended challenge I look forward to sharing the ride with you.
I had planned to wear this FCUK dress with tights and ankle boots but my car (DON'T BUY A RENAULT SCENIC!!!!) is still in the garage and I am back on my bike today.
I am just off to wash my Boden blouse for a few more wears.
Have fun this weekend.

Today I wore:
Clarks Boots
Gap Jeans
FCUK Dress
Tesco Cardigan
Primark Belt
Top Shop Necklace


  1. Hi there-really well done, you've seen off the end of the week in style-have a great weekend!!

  2. Another great outfit! I'm looking forward to another two days!

  3. Love the dress over the jeans look... perfect for a bike ride. Congrats on completing the challenge. xoxo

  4. Brilliant can't believe it is the last day and it is sunny again!! Keep going xx

  5. I really like this outfit - Chic and comfy!

    I love this challenge, I'm so happy that I joined in. And it has been so much fun following others, everybody has so many inspiring ideas. I think I will continue doing little capsules challenges for myself, just to see how I can stretch my closet.

  6. Good to see the FCUK dress made an outing!

  7. Your looks are so great! You do an excellent job of making each of the looks very different and interesting each time. I cant wait to see what else you have for the rest of the week.

  8. This look makes you look A) thin and long an lean and B) youthful- your face in this picture looks really beautiful- maybe it's the huge smile?

    : )

  9. I love your layering of the dress and cardi. This look is another winner!

  10. I totally think I can stretch the capsule to next week but I'm really missing my other clothes. They feel left out:(
    This dress is so pretty and I'm glad you could still find a way to wear it despite the change in plans....

  11. Wow, this might be my favorite outfit of the challenge for you! I love that dress/tunic. It's got a bit of a vintage vibe to it.

    I won't have time to photograph my final outfit today, but I'll post it sometime over the weekend. Just wanted you to know I didn't forget!


  12. Very pretty Jane, I can imagine wearing all those pieces you have today in so many interesting ways... no wonder you are extending the capsule! I would too _)

  13. Wow, I can't believe you have four more outfits to try, you are a remix diva.
    I finished the week and posted my set on flickr:
    Thanks for the challenge, I had a lot of fun!

  14. YAY!!!! We did it girls! This week was so fun!

    You look fab Jane! Thanks for hosting it! I'll email you my wrap-up pics soon!

    Can't wait for the next challenge!

  15. Very nice combination. Looking forward to seeing how many other combinations you come up with--good luck!

  16. Thanks for the challenge - it's been great fun. I would be up for another couple of days, but with only one set of footwear my feet just can't take it any more.

    A round-up of all my looks can be found on my blog (

  17. I love the way this turned out! It looks super cool over the jeans, especially belted!

  18. You are the queen of dresses over jeans, Jane! This is another winning outit!

    I've loved seeing some of the amazing outfits people have come up with. Would you post a link to the blogs of the participants in one post (if people agreed) so that we could go through and take a look?

  19. The stripes and the belting with this dress are super super flattering!
    Thanks sooo much for issuing the challenge. I made it through day one through five and it was fun and informative for me.

  20. I love your long layers!
    This challenge was so fun, I'm glad I happened upon it in time to participate!

  21. Thank you so much everyone.
    Sheila - I will be writing a round-up of everyone who took part next weekend.

  22. Beautiful - I love the print on that tunic.

    I know I didn't have the most creative capsule, but all the same, I had a blast and can't wait to see next week's round-up post.

  23. I loved your all challenge outfits, but this is hands down my favorite. It suits you so well!