Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I Love My Job

I had to put the guitar (and my dreams of being a rock star) away today as I was leading a Do It Yourself PR Workshop for Train 2000.
I love these workshops and I love Train 2000.
Train 2000 is a women-only enterprise agency which helps break down the barriers into self-employment through advice, support and training.
When I was struggling with long, long days and four young children I longed to continue doing what I loved (writing) but with more control over my days.
The crunch came in July 2003 when four of my children had Sports Day on different days and there was no flexibility to let me attend those special days.
I vowed never again to let down my children but I wasn't ready to give up the job in journalism I had worked so hard for.
Enter Train 2000 who showed me another path.
My goal was to earn the same amount of money I had done as a features writer at the newspaper where I worked but at the same time control my own hours.
Not only have I been able to do just that but the variety of work I have had since I went freelance in November 2003 has been a revelation.
One of the strengths of Train 2000 was to show me that I had many more skills than I was aware of.
Not only was I a journalist I had almost 20 years experience of how the media works which, they told me, would be invaluable for businesses who wanted to raise their media profile.
Train 2000 offered me their PR contract and asked me to write a course to help small businesses do their own PR.
That was four years ago and the rest is history.
But one of the best bits about leading the course is that I get to meet a great group of women.
Today was no exception.
I love my job.
I have a wardrobe of cardigans but my favourites at the moment are long cardigans just like these.
I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Dress - Next
Cardigan - Tesco


  1. Sounds fab, Jane. I'm glad to hear another success story for a freelancer. Mine is not a dream job, but being self-employed had simplified my life a lot, especially for my family. There's still stress but it's stress that I choose and imposed by others. Love your dress. Ciao. A.

  2. Sorry I meant NOT imposed by others...

  3. What a pretty dress... I can imagine it without the cardi on a summer afternoon, riding a bike and the breeze.... yay! I am wondering off, I need to get coffee.
    I's great when you love your job, when it's more than just a paycheck :)

  4. Such a lovely dress, and even better with those tights! So happy you're happy at your employment -- it's very important!


  5. I have a secret dream to be a rockstar too... who knows, maybe someday we can form our own band. Hahaha! It's great that you love your job, I always believe that if you have the passion for what you're doing, it won't be like work at all. Working will always be fun.

    I love your outfit today. The dress is so lovely. xoxo

  6. It is great to hear a success story from a woman who went out on her own. I'm sure you inspire many others to follow the path through Train 2000

    Like the dress and the saturated colors.


  7. I just have to comment, even though I'll repeat what the others have said. 'LOVE the dress, and it's even better with those lacey tights! I haven't seen tights like those since grade 8, and I covet them all over again, now.