Friday, 7 June 2013

The Price Tag

It is CPD Week this week - Continuous Professional Development.
Today we had to reflect on our recent observations.
My first didn't go too well.
My second ticked all the boxes.
My verdict:  my first lesson was by far the best.
The second was next to useless for my students but thanks to the bells and whistles I got a borderline "Outstanding"
As a parent, I would have preferred my children were in the first lesson rather than the second.
Now I would like to share a story about a teacher I know
who is highly rated by his  students who on average gain a grade A or B at A-level.
He was observed.
He got a "3" which means "Needing Improvement."
When he asked why he was told there were large parts of the lesson in which the students were doing nothing.
His response: "They weren't doing nothing, they were thinking."
His observer said: "But I can't measure thinking."
As my dear dad used to say: "They know the price of everything and the value of nothing."
Today I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Top and Jacket: Matalan


  1. I'm going to borrow your Dad's quote. It is odd, and sometimes frustrating, how things are graded or valued.


  2. Wise man, your Dad!! You are looking fab by the way. x

  3. Your Dad put it in a nutshell!
    You look pretty in your nautic maxi-skirt combination!
    Have a great weekend Jane

  4. The teachers at my kids'school and my teacher friends all say the same thing... Ridiculous, Ofsted values all the wrong stuff. xxxx

  5. Your dad was a smart man, great quote.