Monday, 3 June 2013

Our Happiest Days So Far

Nostalgia alert.
We have the painters in at the moment which has meant spending a lot of time clearing rooms to get ready.
It meant going through lots of photos.
And I mean lots.
It made me quite sad.
I began to think that possibly my happiest days were gone.
The long, lazy summer days in the garden when all it took to keep my little ones entertained was an ice lolly and lots of games.
When we used to go out together - all six of us.
This rarely happens now.
But it was an old memory that saved me.

Here's me (second left) appearing in a High School production of Salad Days, the musical about students moving on after graduation.
One of the songs has the lyrics:

"We mustn't look back.
Whatever our memories are.
We mustn't say these were our happiest days,
but our happiest days so far."
Looking back at the photos of my children when they were young then these were my happiest days so far.
Today I wore:
Shoes - Converse
Dress - Miss Selfridge
T-shirt - Warehouse


  1. Love you in a maxi!
    I'm not one for reflection. I wear vintage clothes but am never nostalgic for the past. x

  2. I've been having similar thoughts myself now that my girls are growing up, but I like the lyric. I'll remember that, thanks x

  3. You have made me teary now - I was only thinking the other day that I want to freeze my family as they are changing too quickly. I need to do more with them and enjoy each moment before it is gone in the blink of an eye.

  4. I believe that's the right attitude. There's always a window open for us... :)

  5. Aw.... indeed you still have a lot of days to come: like a wedding!

  6. Every part of life is just a stage, isn't it, a step towards the next bit... That thought always helped me get through the crappy bits of having very young children ("this is just a phase, s/he will eventually be potty-trained/eat more things/sleep through", etc.) The annoying or challenging stuff is replaced by different challenges, it's true, but then the pleasures are replaced by fresh and exciting ones too.
    Old photos are fatal, aren't they? You can get lost in them for hours! xxx

  7. Jane, your kiddies were so fantastic. I see you had much fun together. It's good to look back and to appreciate what we had. But the goods times I think are still now, seeing them grown up and going their own way.
    You look great in the maxi skirt, however I hope your legs become well soon.

  8. Enjoyed looking at your happy memory pictures. Happy SO FAR. You have many happy days ahead of you I'm sure.


  9. it's always so remarkable how quickly time moves. Hard to imagine someday you will be looking back at these photos with nostalgia.
    Chic on the Cheap

  10. I love your hair with the little pigtails and the kids spilling out of your lap!