Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Perfect White Shirt

A few months back I reported how I had spent some of my birthday  vouchers on a pair of John Lewis trousers.
After just two washes they looked liked I'd had them for two years.
I took them back to John Lewis and they refunded my money without a fuss.
I was determined to buy something I wouldn't normally buy myself and went for this Ghost shirt.
I am hoping I will  get lots of wear oout of it.
The sleeves can be rolled up or left down.
The collar and cuffs are satin and the buttons are concealed.
It has all the attention to detail that elevates it from an ordinary white shirt into something a little special.
Thanks again for all your birthday wishes for Briony yesterday - we had a lovely day.
I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt - Banana Republic
Shirt - Ghost


  1. That really looks good on you. John Lewis are so good with their customer service. Shame about your original trousers though..

  2. I'm glad you were able to retrun the pants without a problem! I love a nice white button down - it's a total closet staple.

  3. Why are you so serious Jane ?
    A store where i live would have never refunded the trousers! they would have said i "washed them wrong" - :)

    1. Sorry Lorena - youare right; I do look a bit serious here!

  4. How frustrating about the trousers. Glad they took them back!

  5. Too bad the trousers didn't work but you found a great white shirt. I like the somewhat loose fit top with the pencil skirt.


  6. So glad your daughter had a good birthday.

    Shame about the trouser but as has already been said, John Lewis do have excellent customer service.

    Your new shirt looks like a great wardrobe staple and can be added to loads.

    X x

  7. I'm glad you found your perfect white shirt. xxx

  8. Thank goodness they gave you your money back! Lovely shirt. xxx