Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pin Curled

My daughter is always pin curling her long locks and I wanted to have a go myself.
While it is not as picture perfect as her polished look,  it wasn't bad for a first attempt.
I must admit as my hair has grown longer over the past two years I have enjoyed having the time to play around with it - something I couldn't do when the children were younger.
My favourite tutorials have to be The Small Things Blog.
Sometimes I feel like getting it all cropped again but then I try out another idea I have seen on the internet and I am glad of the length.
So for now it stays.
Today I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Jeans - Tesco
Top - Boden


  1. I love her blog - she makes it all look so easy though! Your hair looks pretty like this. My hair has died at the moment - can't do anything with it :(

  2. I've let my hair grow very long and it sometimes seems I have very few things I actually do with it. Your hair looks so nice...I may have to try pin curls.

  3. You look lovely! I must admit that I always admire your daughter's hair as well whenever you blog her photo :)

  4. Your hair looks great. I've been growing mine out but I daily think about calling the hair dresser and making an appointment to get it cut quite short again.