Friday, 28 June 2013

A Whistles Stop Tour Of Oxford University

Hold on to your seat, this is a long post from me.
It has taken 47 years but in the past three months I have finally managed to get to Oxford and Cambridge University.
OK, maybe not to study but taking students and attending a teacher's conference will do.
In April I stayed at Magdalene College, Cambridge and this week I stayed at Christ Church College, Oxford.
It is one of the few perks of the job but we do get to see behind the scenes and stay in the hallowed halls where we can imagine, just for a short while, what it would have  been like to follow the road less travelled.

This dreaming spire of Christ Church Cathedral was the  view from my room.

This is the route I followed to dine in the Great Hall for lunch, dinner and breakfast.

This is another view from the walkway.
  And this is what I wore for dinner.
Here is the Great Hall in Christ Church where we dined.
If it looks familiar, it is probably  because you have seen it before in the Harry Potter films.
This hall was recreated by the film studios.

Here I am waiting for a few of the students to arrive for dinner.
This is what I wore on day two when the students were given free rein to visit colleges of their choice in Oxford.
I chose to visit Worcester College as it was the setting for this novel I have just read which is set in and around the college.

These Medieval cottages overlooking the Quad are used by first year undergraduates and are mentioned in the  novel.

As is the Lake.
But what about clothes you may ask.
Did I stick to my promise to keep my purse clasped or did I weaken in Whistles?
I will let you know in the next post!
I wore:
Jacket - Matalan
T-Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Off the shoulder top - Asos
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Clarks
Scarf - Next
Skirt - South


  1. Oh, what a beautiful campus! I would love to take a tour someday. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. That book sounds interesting too! :)

  2. Ooooo Jane wow - I can imagine how you must have felt -
    so exciting, I must also add that you're still young so you never know where you will be in 20 years... maybe back in the sample place but with a different story :)
    I knew i recognized that diner !

  3. Very impressive pics of the venerable buildings and lovely pics of the surrounding. Gorgeous you in your diner outfit, I love it!

  4. Hi Jane I am subscribed to your blog but never posted before. I really admire your style and I am so jealous that you were visiting Oxford and Cambridge. I am a 3rd Year History & Archeology Student in UCD Dublin and really aspire to do something similar to what you are doing.


  5. What a great post. So much to see. I like those Midieval cottages. Looks like you are enjoying yourself. I'll have to see if my local library has a copy of the book, sounds interesting.


  6. You look lovely Jane and what an amazing setting! Lucky you getting to visit it and have dinner in that hall...stunning! Loving the maxi skirt and the striped jacket. Can't wait to see what you splurged on! Ax

  7. wow, looks amazing! As do you!

  8. sounds like you had a great trip, and the university is so gorgeous!
    Chic on the Cheap