Thursday, 1 November 2012

£5 Dress

Now that the 31 for 31 challenge is over I can wear my £5 dress.
And I think I know why it was in the bargain bin.
While it is a lovely dress, the cut isn't great.
Most of my Marks and Spencer clothes are a UK size 8 or 10.
This dress is a UK size 12 and it is a tiny bit tight across the hips.
I wouldn't wear the dress without a belt unless I had, like today, had a long cardigan wrapped around as it is a tad shapeless on its own.
Still it was £5 and the fabric is lovely.
I even got complimented about it during a meeting with the college principal today.
I wore:
Shoes/Boots - Clarks
Dress and Cardigan - Marks and Spencer


  1. It looks a great fit from here, the print's lovely! x

  2. It look to me like you turned a bargain into a treasure. Very nice.