Sunday 4 November 2012

Dressing Jane

I have just bought this dress for a "do" in late November.
It will be the first time my husband and I will be joining our eldest son's girlfriend's parents on a night out.

The dress is by Karen Millen and a lovely sateen cotton.
The accessories in the picture are the belt, the bangle and the bag which I don't have.

I don't want to break the budget but would appreciate some styling tips. So - can I ask?

1.What colour shoes would look best?
I have black strappy sandals and neutral sandals which match the bodice of the dress.
2. To Belt or not to belt and if so what colour?
3. Hair - up or down?
4. Bare legs or tights?
5. Accessories?
Any advice would be gratefully received.


  1. Put it on, pose for us with your hair up and hair down and with or without a belt so we can advise.
    I'm not a fan of neutrals (bit Wedding-y for my liking). I'd go or the black heels, a fab statement clutch bag, a wrist cuff, couple of cocktail rings and the biggest earrings known to man. x

  2. I like Vix idea...give us a preview.
    I do think that this dress is aching for an undo..with some dramatic dangle earrings to accent that bare shoulder. I think you can go with nude or black shoes...but I like black. If you are wearing strappy shoes then I would not wear hose. I definitely would not wear tights because I think this dress is has an airy feeling and tights would be too 'heavy'. If its cold and you want to cover your could try an open arc, closed toe shoe with some super sheer hose that have a bit of pale shimmer. I would also wear some wide but delicate cuff bracelets on each wrist and no necklace.

    Its a lovely dress and I think you are going to look stunning!

    1. I think a delicate belt would be lovely too....

  3. I'd go for black heels, no tights, animal print slim belt, hair up and as vix said the biggest earrings known to man!

    Sharron x

  4. Another Sharron with 2 r's above! Anyway Jane, I would keep your hair down with a soft curl, no necklace with a dress like this so I would say dangling earrings and a cuff. As the dress is neutral you could wear any colour shoe, try a few pairs at home and see what looks best xx

    1. Ha! Read your blog and it appears we both have a daughter called Claudia too! Except mines just 10 x

  5. I like the idea of a belt (maybe metallic or red?)…and hair down like Sharron said. I would wear black tights and black shoes. I think it will look a bit daytime otherwise. Big earrings, no necklace, clutch to match the belt. You'll look amazing - can't wait to see the complete outfit! x

  6. I agree, a preview would be great. I'm thinking hair up, big earrings. Belt - do you have an animal print belt? If it is evening I think black closed toe shoes and sheer black tights for this time of year.

    Can't wait to see you in the outfit.


  7. hi jane!
    in any case i would put your hair up and fix it with a nice sparkling clip. i would prefer to wear nude tight with the black strappy sandals and would add a small black belt and only a small clutch, perhaps not in black but in a nude shape or if you have one with pearls or an application. a small necklace or a choker would round it up.
    i agree with the other ladies a preview would be great!

  8. You are gonna look like a princess! what a beautiful dress.
    Shoes can be any color. Red ?
    No belt.
    Hair up.
    Accessories: just earrings, bracelet and one big cocktaill ring. No necklace.
    I am still thinking about the tights....



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