Sunday, 11 November 2012

Notes From A Week And Its End

I apologise for the absence of posts but it has been a busy week which began in A & E when we were told my daughter's sore foot was due to two broken bones.
After her foot was put in plaster she was sent home on crutches with an appointment for the next day when a new cast would be fitted.
I won't go into the details other than to say I understand doctors sometimes get it wrong.
But for those two days it was a struggle.
Have you ever tried to bath a 15-year-old with waist length hair and a leg in plaster?

This weekend startred with some lovely sunshine and the chance to watch my youngest son play football which was a family affair.
My 17-year-old has just started coaching the team and my husband has been manager of the team for the past six years.

It also marked the start of winter which I measure when the last leaf leaves my cherry tree.
As usual Sunday started with a sprint round the supermarket.
Here is Ben baking some meringues for our evening meal which were delicious.
I would also like to thank everyone for their suggestions about how to wear my Karen Millen dress.
I have decided to go with hair down but swept to one side, big ear-rings, a silver bangle, bare legs, black strappy sandals and cream clutch bag.
I will preview the look soon.

After Sunday Lunch with the family we settled down to watch a film before the fun starts all over again.

How was it for you?


  1. I'm sorry your daughter has been suffering! My son broke his leg a couple of years ago..and um...the doc was wrong!
    You look so cozy in your big scarf and boots.
    Looking forward to seeing that dress styled! You are going to be the prettiest one at the event!

  2. Can't wait to see your styled up dress.

    My son's name is Ben too, but he doesn't bake yummy things like that. Delicious!

  3. sorry to hear about your daughter, poor thing. I had the same problems when my youngest girl had a broken leg aged 4 so she was a bit easier to move around, but I remember she had nits at the time so I used to lay her on the worktop wrapped in a warm towel and dangle her hair in the sink to comb the pests out with thick conditioner! Any chance you could get your big girl up there for a hair wash? Otherwise you might have to treat her to a wash and blow dry xxx

  4. Sorry about your daughter. What a nightmare for you and her. Hope it all heals up ok.

    Your outfit plan sounds lovely - looking forward to a preview! xx

  5. Your son's a clever boy! Sorry to hear about your daughter, she's be better off with a high plastic chair she can position near the sink so she can wash whilst seated. The hospital loaned me one when I had my hip replacement but they're cheap to buy from those independant living centres. x

  6. Aww. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter got a broken bone. I know its difficult for her. Just be patient and show your love and care. You are so lucky with your children. They all are talented and responsible.
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  7. oh, what a week, jane, i hope the coming week will get better and your daugther's leg will heal soon.
    my son is playing football too and he is the one with the injuries, but at present he has none, thankfully.
    i also look forward to seeing you in your beautiful dress!
    ah, a nice scarf you are wearing today!