Friday, 28 September 2012


I bought this jacket in Boden's summer sale for £29.
It was reduced from £75.
I have been looking forward to wearing it and was delighted when one of my colleagues, Pam, commented on it.
We then spent the rest of our Macmillan Coffee morning sharing shopping trips.
We were so engrossed in conversation I almost missed my name being read out as one of the raffle winners.
I won a giant cupcake and £10 M & S voucher.
What a great start to the weekend.
Fingers crossed for the EuroMillions lottery tonight.
Here's my weekly round-up


  1. Easy, Tiger! Great jacket, and congrats on the win! xxx

  2. That is one fabulous jacket! Well done on the win, I'd be straight down to stock up on knickers, the elastic snapped in one of my few pair yesterday, very embarrassing in Poundland! x

  3. I love the jacket. You are going to get so much use out of it. I'm looking forward to seeing all the lovely ways you style this. Congrats on winning the raffle. Hope the lotto hits for you too :)

  4. It's a sharp looking jacket and Congrats on the prize you won.

  5. Great jacket! i have a pair of shoes that would work with it ... they are the same but do not fit that well. what size are you ?