Saturday, 22 September 2012

D Day

It was deadline day in college today (Friday).
Those students who want to go to Oxbridge or study veterinary science, medicine or dentistry had to get their UCAS forms into college so that we can get them checked and references written in time.
I saw so many worried teenagers today I wanted to give them all a hug.
Instead I had to look professional, calm and controlled.
Their future was (partly) in my hands and I had to reassure them that all would be well.
The universities would be lucky to have them; they are all wonderful students.
Finger's crossed.
I wore:
Boots - Whistles
Skirt - Banana Republic
Top - H & M
Scarf - Next
Jacket - Zara


  1. Gorgeous outfit! And your "toilet" story had me giggling. I hope he's grown out of that habit now.... Em :)

  2. Great's lovely that you care so much about your students. You're clearly in the right job Jane, Avril xx PS you're looking lovely over on School Gate Style today! x

  3. You DO look calm and professional, I am sure you are a very reassuring presence for your students, Jane. xx

  4. Your outfit is very professional. Grey is a wonderful color on you. You styled it perfectly.
    I think its great that you recognize how critical your role is in guiding your students to their futures. So many counselors/advisors just go through the motions. Your students are lucky to have you.

  5. i love a blazer over a dress - it's so polished and chic.
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. You look lovely, professional and approachable. x

  7. This is a very professional look on you, I'm sure that it gives the students confidence to have someone so "together" advising and encouraging them.


  8. Thank You everyone. I am coming up to the most streeful two weeks of the year and I need to look as if I am calm when my little legs are spinning round like a hamster.

  9. Look professional you did. You also looked like someone you can talk to. Which I guess is quite important. Love the outfit.

  10. Pretty, professional, and comfortable. An excellent look. Good luck with the upcoming schedule!

  11. Wow Jane, this fits you so nicely, i am sure you were able to give reassurance and comfort while wearing this.... which is just what the students needed.
    I love that skirt.