Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Another Planet

When I last wore this skirt it was like I was living on another planet, light years away.
A planet called summer.
Oh how I miss summer.
But how much more do I love this skirt in autumn.
The colour and the fabric seem better suited to the cooler weather even though this was a summer item.
One of my students works on a Saturday at Clarks and she knew right away where my boots were from.
"Great choice," she said.
So there you go - the seal of approval from a very trendy 17-year-old.
I have vowed not to blog about the persistent rain we are having.
Instead I am focusing on the good things about autumn.
The problem is I can't think what they may be.
What is the best thing about autumn for you?
Boots - Clarks
Skirt - Hobbs
Polo - Next
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins


  1. That skirt's lovely and so's that necklace! it's hard to find much positivity when the weather's so bad. The best thing for me is planning my escape to warmer climes! x

  2. The skirt does work really well for autumn, the colour some of the leaves will be soon x

  3. A compliment from a 17 year old is pretty special. Bet it made you smile.


  4. I really like the shape and color of your skirt. Foe me the best thing about this time of year are savory fall recipes and fall fashion (of course).

  5. I like the color of this skirt. You looks so lovely and comfy.

  6. The skirt is such a great colour. Hmm, summer has definitely gone, and the boots are back! xxx

  7. How I wish we could wear boots here - probably not for another month or two though!

  8. I love yur necklae... my fave thing about fall is nature. Leaves, Colors .

  9. Loving the necklace, very delicate and pretty

    X x