Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Feeling Blue (in a good way)

I love the colour blue.
Any shade will do.
It reminds me of blue skies which reminds me of summer.
This is another dress which I wear throughout the year.
(June 2010)
It's cool and casual in summer and warm and cosy in cooler weather.
It works with a belt or without.
And the bonus is pockets.
Not bad for £9.99 in the Gap sale.
I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Dress - Gap
Cardigan - Boden


  1. I wear most of my dresses throughout the year, just layer them up in cooler weather. You do suit blue and that cardigan is a gorgeous shade.

  2. That all blue outfit is stunning and I really prefer the belted version. I love the way you have 'winterized' it. I do the same with many of my summer dresses/tunics by adding a thick cotton long-sleeved T-shirt or a wool polo neck underneath. Plus thicker tights or jeggings. And boots.

    BTW - where is the the necklace from? And are you wearing dark brown or black tights? I can't decide which to wear with a teal blue cord dress but tan knee-boots. Any advice? Cx

    1. The necklace was from Princiles - about 4 years ago and I am wearing brown tights. The luxury ones from Tesco - they last forever.

  3. I'm the same, unless it's really strappy or white I'll wear it all year round, layered up and cosy! you do suit blue, you look lovely in both pictures! x

  4. Blue is very pretty on you with your blonde hair. The cardi is a happy blue!

  5. Thats a gorgeous blue too. I must admit to being rather partial to blue. I think blue shoes are a slight problem as I have far too many.

    X x

  6. What a versatile dress. The sweater is one of my favorite shades of blue.


  7. Gorgeous - love the necklace also...isn't it great how you can wear that dress in all seasons! Avril x

  8. i love the transition from summer to fall with that dress. I just did a post on this myself.

    have a great weekend!