Tuesday, 18 September 2012

LBD Tuesday

I am planning on  making Tuesday my LBD Day.
Tuesday is my busiest day at work with four classes to take on top of my pastoral workload.
I  need something easy to grab and style.
I love this dress with heels and flats.
I haven't tried boots yet but I am sure it will adapt.
I am hoping this dress will be the workhorse of my winter wardrobe.
I love Chic On The Cheap's goal of getting every item in her wardrobe down to $1 per wear.
I paid a reduced rate of £62.10 for this Boden Dress and have worn it around five times so far.
I will need to wear it a further 57 times to get it down to £1 per wear.
I will do my best.
I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Dress - Boden
Scarf - Gift


  1. What a great idea - a good incentive to wear more of your wardrobe. Thanks for sharing. You look fab in that dress...really suits you, Avril x

  2. Agree that is a great idea, looking good as always xx

  3. You look lovely!
    I wish I had taken a photo of today's outfit. We could have been twins. I wore an LBD with a similar sit, black tights, simple black pumps and a scarf. Yep...very twin-like...

  4. Once again, this dress looks perfect on you. Boots? Yes, please!

  5. What a fabulous dress, it really shows off your trim figure.
    I like the idea of working out something's cost to wear. Some of my 20p dresses owe me money! x

  6. This dress will make it to LESS than 1 per wear... it fits you very nicely Jane!

  7. Your outfit is beautiful. You were scarfs wonderfully:)