Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Shades Of Grey

I just love these grey skinnies from Gap.
They are supposed to be ankle skimmers but I bought the regular size because I wanted them full length.
I am trying to reduce the amount of black in my wardrobe and grey seems a flexible alternative.

It feels like the mercury is finally dropping around here and it will be time to brace myself for five months of freezing.
Still, it may motivate me to find the winter coat I was looking for.

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I like this one from John Lewis but at £375 it's a bit on the pricey side.

And I quite like this one from Wallis.

Trouble is what looks great on a model won't on me.
There's no way round it, I'm going to have to hit the shops and try them for size.
I may be some time.

Today I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Skinnies - Gap
Top - Vero Moda


  1. I can't shake my aversion to grey, I'm afraid - what seems to look classy and classic on others (you!) just makes me feel drab and school uniform-y. Horses for courses, I guess. Good luck with the Great Winter Coat Hunt! xxx

  2. Like the skinnies on you. Like the cut/style of the grey coat best. I would like to see it in red - you wear red well - but I suppose that isn't practical.


  3. Love the Wallis coat, I'm really feeling Navy at the moment and need to buy more of it x

  4. I'm not keen on ankle skimmers either, make me look like a midget!
    Good luck with the coat hunt. Go for the one you really, really love rather than the "quite like", it'll last you years that way. x

  5. I feel like I go out searching for the new perfect winter coat every year. it's probably my favorite thing about the cold weather - an excuse to buy another coat.

    hope you find your perfect one!