Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Fabulous Fashionista #4

I love Jo Wood - the original rock chick.
I love the way she rocks whatever she wears: from glam to grunge to gardening, she always looks fabulous.
I love the way she is always pictured smiling, despite the trials and tribulations of her tumultuous life.

I love the way she does not hesitate to back campaigns that she feels strongly about such as Organic Products and "Love Fashion. Hate Sweatshops."

I love the way she embraces life at every stage from model to mum to grandmother.
I love the way she wears her hair, long and blonde.
I love the way she looks at 58.

Rock on Jo.


  1. She's gorgeous and seems a lovely person, too! What was Ronnie Wood thinking to ditch her? x

  2. She looks amazing for 58! I love how she can still get away with long hair, so many women can't and it just ages them or makes them look like they are trying to hard, I worry about mine already!

  3. I think she's attractive. I admit I had to google her as I had no idea who she was.


  4. Ronnie was a total arse to run off with someone else! Jo's lovely. xxx

  5. Second what's been said, Ronnie was foolish!