Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fabulous Fashionista #3

This week's Fab Fashionista  has to be one of my favourite authors,  the Canadian writer, Alice Munro.
In case you didn't know, Munro won the Nobel Prize for Literature last week.
I wrote about discovering her work last summer here.

Now in her 80s Alice has hinted that she won't be writing any more stories.
But then when you have won the Man Booker Prize and Nobel Prize for Literature, where is there to go?

It is a great shame if she hangs up her pen for good but she has such an extensive body of work there is plenty to keep the reader busy.

I have read Selected Stories and Too Much Happiness which completely blew me away.
She instantly draws you into a journey into her fictional world that you don't want to end.

She also has great style too!


  1. I haven't read any Alice Monro but she looks lovely! x

  2. I have a book of her short stories on order at the library. She looks lovely doesn't she?