Monday, 28 October 2013

Back To Work

So it's back to work and the final term before Christmas.
Since I returned to the rhythms of the academic year I find each half term has its own distinct character.
Each half term is the same but different.
The markers for me this half term are getting all my second year students through the UCAS application procedure while easing the first years into the rigorous demands of the A-level curriculum at the same time as supporting them through the slings and arrows that life will hurl at them.
In many ways the daily life is not dissimilar to the 15 years I spent working in a newsroom when I had no idea what the working day would bring. 
But there is something safe and comforting about the rhythms of the academic year.
As I watch the leaves fall off the trees outside my office window I know it won't be long before the buds are back again.

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Dress - People Tree


  1. I don't want Charlie to grow up but I hate having my life defined by the holidays. All I do is look forward to them for the lie ins! I also think they make the years pass quicker! x

  2. I love the rhythm of the seasons best of all. x

  3. That dress is always lovely to see.
    I can't bear my life being mapped out in front of me, I think having to live in 6 week blocks and being dictated to with regards to taking holidays would drive me mad! x

  4. You look relaxed and ready for the next set of work days. I admit that when I retired I missed the structure work gave to the week. It took me awhile to establish a new routine.