Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fair Trade Shoes?

I am thinking about buying these shoes.

But before I parted with the cash I thought I would put my money where my mouth was last week and contact Clarks to find out about the working conditions of those who make the product.

Within two days I had this response.

"Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

At Clarks, everything we do is built on our strong ethical heritage and the way we do business is underpinned by a strong sense of our responsibility as an international shoe manufacturer.

Clarks also attaches real importance to the welfare of our employees and those employed by our vendors/suppliers. Our Code of Practice sets the standards for the way we expect our vendors and suppliers to operate in the production of all Clarks' products. It requires compliance with all local legal and regulatory requirements and supports the core labour principles of the International Labour Organization.

Clarks shoes are manufactured in a number of countries, predominantly in Asia including China, Vietnam, India and Cambodia. Wherever manufacturing is located, the welfare of the people who are employed by our suppliers to make our products is very important to us. It's really important that we understand the working conditions of people making Clarks products and we do this by auditing and assessing our supplier factories.

The scope of our audit programme currently covers factories producing the majority of footwear for the Clarks group of companies all in geographic locations. The information gathered through these audits informs our sourcing decisions and helps us work with our suppliers to ensure that the high standards that we expect in our products are reflected in the working environments in which they are made. We have a specialist team at Clarks who review and audit working conditions in factories that we use, as well as using an internally recognised audit service provider.

I do hope that my email will help to answer your concerns and thank you once again for your kind interest in our brand."

Before I go I thought I would share a flashback with you.
What I wore four years ago today.
It made made smile - the only item I still have is the necklace.


  1. That was really good that they got back to you. I can't believe that picture you look younger now!

  2. I remember seeing this outfit on you Jane ---- ! i even just read my comment from that post... and i think its good Clarks got back to you. However the countries they manufacture things say a lot about them...

  3. What an incredibly beautiful pair of brogues! And hopefully Clarks getting back to means they don't have much to hide, right?

    I love looking at outfits from the past. They give you an insight of how your style evolves but most of all, they put a smile on your face! I sometimes laugh out loud when I browse through my old blog entries :)

  4. Those brogues are fab. Glad you got an answer to your query, that seems quite reassuring. Are Clarks' American-owned now as they've spelt organisation with a "Z"? x

  5. Wonderful shoes Janes! I look forward to seeing you wearing them. Good that you asked before purchasing. We should do that more often. I just read Clarks German website and what they say about sustainability. I hope they keep their promises.
    I love the wrap cardigan you wore four years ago!

  6. that's great that they sent you a reply, but does it really answer the question?
    Chic on the Cheap