Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Prodigal Top

 I love this New Look top and wore it to death last year.
And when the sun came out I hunted high and low to find it.
I asked my daughter who shook her head and denied all knowledge.
The other day she asked me to take her to her friend's house to pick up some clothes she had left.
Guess what?
Yes, there it was at the bottom of the pile.
I know it needs a good iron but I was so desperate to wear it today and it is too warm to iron.
I wore:
Sandals - Boden
Skirt - South
Top - New Look
Necklace - Next


  1. I can see why you wanted to find that top it is perfect for warm weather. What a great color.


  2. Cheeky monkey! It looks lovely with that skirt, perfect relaxed glamour. Liking that turquoise lamp, too! x

  3. Oh yes it is so hot! So glad you found your top, I hate it when things go missing, problem is the daughter who can fit into my stuff is the only one who doesn't live at home, so goodness knows where things go!

  4. The top is such a great colour. I am hoping that all my clothes will be far too ridiculous for my daughters to want to borrow/steal in the future! xxx

  5. LOL - glad you found it though! Lovely color on you :)

  6. From this view point can't believe it's a New look top, looks gorgeous, colourful and elegant(ie not high street:-)!

  7. damn kids! haha, glad the top has returned to you - the color is fabulous!
    Chic on the Cheap