Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Best Asset

I am out for a meal tonight - a leaving do for Martin, one of my colleagues who is planning a new career as a nurse.
He is a lovely man and I will miss him.
I had great trouble getting ready tonight as I just didn't know what to wear.
I am not fond of my child-bearing hips, short, chunky thighs and squishy mummy tummy but I must confess to taking great pride in my shoulders which I consider to be my best asset.
Thankfully,  I found this off the shoulder top from Asos.

Over the top I wore my faux leather jacket and scarf from Avril at Schoolgatestyle's new shop.
What do you consider to be your best asset and how do you show it off?
I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Jeans - Gap
Top - Asos
Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Belt - New Look


  1. Looking great - you do have great shoulders. A benefit of being pear shaped I find also! Thanks for sharing my scarf again..it really does brighten up this outfit so nicely. x

  2. Glad you found the perfect top, and it does look gorgeous on you!

  3. Yes you do have lovely shoulders. And frankly quite an envious figure. Don't do yourself down Ms SFoML.

    I am also proud of my shoulders and have always found boat necks very flattering. At my current age they kindly draw the eye away from the middle section which is not so attractive. But even as a teenager in 19filthylie when I was pleasantly slim those boat necks were all the rage and I blossomed in them.

  4. You do have lovely shoulders and that top looks great.
    My best asset is probably my personality, wearing ridiculous clothes means that I get spoken to a lot, which helps me show it off! xxx