Thursday, 18 July 2013


Another day for pottering: school run; gym; post ebay items; shopping; laundry; walk the dog; helpson with his final degree assignment; help another son apply for a part-time job; clean bedroom and plan holiday wardrobe.
And that's just before lunch.
Phew, until I wrote down what I did I thought I was having a lazy day.
Still, at least I can fit it all  into my day instead of shoe-horning it all around my normal eight hour working day.
Still in relaxed mode and while I am no Liz Hurley with the white jeans I thought I would dig them out in honour of the heatwave.
Yesterday I took my daughter for an interview at Liverpool FC for a weekend job waitressing.
On the way back we went though Walton, a part of Liverpool I don't normally go through.
 But I am glad I did as I spotted a Next Clearance store en route.
I cannot believe how much we got and I will reveal all tomorrow.

Today I wore:
Shoes - Tesco
Jeans - Tesco
Top - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Nothing like a good potter. Looks like you are enjoying your heat wave.


  2. You have been busy! Looking good. x

  3. Liz Hurley has nothing on you honey! Now I'm really depressed, I went sale shopping today and got nada! Went into two Next stores and still nothing. I need some lightweight, thin strapped summer dresses and do you think I can find any, sadly I can't. Glad to hear you going back to the campsite again I know you love it xx

  4. Who wanna be LH when we have supermum looking this fab(with your lovely brood of 4, don't know how you do it); you could potentially get an upgrade wearing this classy combo!

  5. White jeans are a perfect summer look - you are fabulous!

  6. I actually love days like yours - when you get soooo many things accomplished!