Thursday, 4 July 2013

Prom Night

My baby girl, Briony Jane on her Prom Night.
With her classmates and their dates.

With a proud mum, dad and grandma.

With BFF, Laura.

Here come the girls.
With mum and dad.
With big brother, Sam and his girlfriend Sophie.

A corsage from....
.... her date Curt, whose family hosted the pre-Prom drinks.
Dress: BCBG
Shoes : Kurt Geiger
Bag: Prada (borrowed from Sophie)


  1. WOW! She's gorgeous, Jane! And she looks so much like you -- obvious where her loveliness came from :)

    That dress is soooo pretty, the color with her hair is stunning.

    What a beautiful bunch -- hope they have the time of their lives!!!!

  2. Quite fitting that this prom post was posted on US Independence day(great tribute to our American cousins)!

    You don't look old enough to be their mum, Jane!

  3. Congratulation to your daughter on her graduation. She, and her friends, look beautiful.

    Sue xo

  4. Your daughter is a beauty! She looks abolutely stunning in her prom dress. I also appreciate her hairdo. You both look very similar.

  5. Hi Jane lovely photos and a lovely looking family. I love your striped jacket, top and jeans combo.


  6. Beautiful!
    Your daughter looks stunning, you have a lovely family.
    Great post xx

  7. Your 'little girl' is beautiful, congratulations to all of you!

  8. She looks stunning hun. I hope she had an amazing time x x

  9. Your daughter looks lovely, such a wonderful time in life, looks like everyone enjoyed the evening.


  10. She looks sooo pretty Jane :)
    I think the dress is gorgeous, the lace and the color are so royal and princess like.
    I also like her hair - you must have been sooo excited.

  11. Oh my word - stunning! That's such a beautiful dress and a great colour for your daughter. Hope she had a great night. I always pinch myself when I see your kids on the blog Jane as you don't look old enough to have such grown up children! You look like a sister in those photos - and your mum is clearly where you got the young genes from as she looks so young too. Ax
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