Wednesday, 2 January 2013

In The Pink

This sloppy Joe is so easy to wear as the waistbands tighten and the Christmas Cake shaped lumps and bumps become more prominent.
As ever, my new healthy eating regime will not begin until I go back to work (January 7th)  and I have "cleaned" up all the Christmas fayre in the house.
I love the way Christmas shakes up the regimented days of work for a while but I always look forward to the discpline of a new regime and with a half marathon lined up for March I have just the incentive I need to get back on track.
Until then I will be enjoying the indulgences of the festive season for a few more days.
How about you?
I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Leggings - Tesco
Jumper - River Island
Shirt - Boden


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family, Jane! You look fab. It does not seem that the Xmas parties have left any mark on you! Ciao. A.xx

  2. Jan. 2. I'm over the holidays and more than ready to get back to what passes for normal here. With all the food consumed lately, I'd be wearing that sweater for days.


  3. I must admit my sloppy joe's have been my wardrobe staple this past week!

  4. Oh I am eating my heart out until Saturday, when I have an appointment with a nutricionist :)
    I need a sweater like yours...
    HNY JAne.

  5. Now after the last cookie has been enjoyed and no birthday party leaps into view the next few weeks I try to be moderate, eat more veggies and fruits and less sugar. Otherwise my vintage dress has to stay in the wardrobe in spring.
    You look amazing and comfy in your sloopy Joe.

  6. I am on the same line, although my regime started on the 1st of January! Cosy outfit!

  7. I love the casual elegance of this look.

    Lucky you to have the rest of the week off. I was back at work today but still indulging like it's the holidays ;)

    Happy 2013!

  8. I still have cookies in the freezer, but for now I'll snack on celery. I don't mind getting back to normal food, but I could do without the office!

  9. I love your boots - enjoy the rest of your vacation!
    Chic on the Cheap