Saturday, 5 January 2013

Green Leopard

And one final picture in front of our other Christmas tree.
We always have a fake tree and a real one.
The fake tree satisfies my chaotic sentimental urges with decorations made by the children from years back along with the cheapy baubles my husband and I first bought back in the mid-80s.
Together with a collection of posh baubles we have been given as gifts over the years.
The blue fabric heart shaped decoration with a red heart in the centre was made out of one of my dad's old shirts the first Christmas after he died.

The real one has a more sophisticated colour theme.

Taking a cue from the tree, I have been looking for a shade of green that suits my colouring and think I have finally found it.
Not sure.

Whatever the shade is named I love it even more layered over this animal print thermal body from Marks and Spencer.
I think I am starting to finally embrace winter.
I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Top - Tesco
Body - Marks and Spencer


  1. I think this colour suits you very well (whatever it is called... to me it is a bit too much towards turquoise to call pistachio), and this is one of the nicest outfits I have seen you in I started to read your blog. Best wishes for 2013 - will continue enjoying seeing what you are wearing!

  2. Yes, that color is gorgeous on you.

  3. You look wonderful in that color. I love it.

  4. It's a lovely green, and looks good on you (and with the leopard print). I found a lime green twin set that has a little blue in it, so it's a bright green that I can wear. It always perks me up!

  5. Both xmas trees are beautiful but I prefer the colorful fake tree, what a surprice ;-) The heart made of your dad's shirt is a very nice idea.
    Whatever the color is called, it suits you fantastic. Now I can see it as well, is has a hint of spring.

  6. Great trees :)

    I really love the frames photo posters you have on your wall!

  7. On my monitor it looks like Teal, Nice whatever it is.


  8. That's an amazing colour on you Jane - really suits you! Both trees are gorgeous….hope it's not too much work taking them down, Avx

  9. I agree that this color really suits you well. Hard to believe that Dressember is over!
    You look very chic and cute in this outfit.