Sunday, 20 January 2013

Grandma's Party

Despite the worst weather of the winter so far more than 30 family, friends and relatives travelled over to our house to celebrate my mum's 70th birthday.
Here's a snapshot of the snapshots we took!
Mum wearing her birthday outfit chosen by the John Lewis stylist.

Mum with my sons, Sam and Ben and niece, Georgia.

Mum, me and Georgia.
Joe holding the birthday cake he baked for mum together with mum, Sam and Georgia.

Joe with my nephew, Seth and Georgia.

Mum with Georgia and my daughter, Briony.

Joe and my nephew, Sidney.


  1. I see from whom your good taste in style and your good looks is coming from. Your mother looks fantastic! You too of course!
    You all are so a likeable family.

  2. You Mum looks very lovely in her dress.....I see you follow her wonderful style example.

  3. She looks so sweet! Happy Birthday to your Mom.

  4. You mom looks so young! I love her skirt. These are fabulous pics.

  5. what a very handsome family.......many happy returns!!

  6. What a very handsome family. You are a stylish mum and daughter! Many happy returns to your Mum. Cx

  7. Your Mother looks lovely in her new outfut. I think I see a family resemblance in some of the photos.


  8. Happy Birthday to a very stylish Grandma! She looks fantastic, Ax

  9. Happy belated birthday wishes to your mum! You all look fab. Cannot believed Ben looks so grown-up now! Wonderful family! All the best. Ciao. A.xx