Thursday, 10 January 2013

Full Of The Joys Of Spring

Thanks for all your kind words about my job.
Fingers crossed I will be OK, but who knows?
Enough of that, I have to say I am feeling full of the joys of Spring even though the weather has taken a turn for the cooler.
I find I am opting for spring shades of blue and green  rather than the blacks and reds of December.
I am also feeling better too as I have been following the 5.2 fast/feast system of eating which I am documenting in my new blog here.
Already I have lost 4 pounds in one week and feel full of energy.
Just 12 pounds to go and hopefully I will manage to reach my goal by the end of March.

Today I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Skirt - Boden
Green top- Tesco
Thermal layer - Marks and Spencer


  1. You look fabulous springlike in your tuquoise top and I love your patterned tights so much!
    You look so slim, I can not imagine why you need to loose 12 pounds, but I'm sure you will suceed with such delicious recipes.

  2. I really need to check out your new blog honey, can't stop eating! I don't know how people manage at this time of year to adopt a new eating pattern, all I want is comfort food!