Thursday, 24 January 2013

Go West

I love the cowgirl appeal of this shirt which I picked up from the sale section at Gap Kids a few years back.
It is a boy's shirt, aged 9-10 and much roomier than my size (UK) 10 shirts.
Although I am petite (5ft 1in) I am quite top heavy which means finding shirts particularly difficult.
If I size up then they are just too big on the shoulders.
If I wear my true size then the buttons strain and leave unsightly gaps.
I have some lovely tailored shirts but I have to wear a cami underneath which makes them look a little bulky.
Thanks to Gap Kids I don't have that problem today.
I wore:
Boots - Boden
Skirt - Noa Noa
Shirt - Gap Kids
Body - Marks and Spencer


  1. I have the opposite problem - shirts often make me look ummmm flat chested and rather manly! You look great in this one!!

  2. I have pretty much given up on button-front shirts, they are NEVER cut to accommodate boobs, and they gape horribly. Your check shirt looks fab though, especially with the tan boots. I don't think I would fit into anything in the kids section! xxx

  3. Do you find that the Boden sizing is accurate? I see that you are a Boden fan and I often hesitate because their conversion chart I'm not sure about. I do love just about every thing in those catalogs!

  4. Clever you for checking the boys department and finding such a cute shirt. I like your Western look.


  5. Cute cute cute. As always.

  6. You look marvellous as a cowgirl! the boots are a perfect addition. I love blue-red checkered fabric.

  7. I love checkered blouses! Beautiful! Kisses x x x x

  8. haha, guess you never know where you will find clothes with the perfect fit!
    Chic on the Cheap