Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday Morning Blues

It was a busy Monday morning today as six of us struggled for space in our smallish kitchen.
My eldest son who is at university (training to be a primary school teacher) lives at home but usually leaves after us.
However, for the next 10 weeks he is on placement at a local school where the headteacher is his former nursery teacher.
The rest of us have to be out by 8am. I like to get up around 6am which gives me enought time to run 2 miles with the dog, eat breakfast and shower in peace before all hell breaks loose in the form of our 14-year-old daughter and her equally grumpy dad.
Neither of them are good in the morning.
It is usually a great relief to be heading out of the door.
Today was no exception - another Monday morning blues.
I wonder if that was the influence for this top which I grabbed in a rush this morning.

If anyone has any tips for a calm start to the day in a busy household - please share.

I wore: Trousers - Primark Boots - Clarks Top - Dorothy Perkins Pendant - Top Shop


  1. Can't help you, love - it's chaos in our house in the mornings too! I am really not a morning person and hate the routine, but am trapped in it regardless. I am so impressed that you are up and out running so early, you obviously have amazing self-discipline (which I do NOT!)
    That shade of blue really suits you. xxx

  2. I dont have any suggestions to share- at home its just two of us and the dogs and I am such a morning person !

  3. Luckily, my day usually starts later than every one else's so I miss the morning pandemonium. Can't advise...

  4. I used to get up at 6 but it has got later and later and now I realise I can get ready for the school run if I get up at 7.15 and even that is a struggle! Dreading September when my son has to get a school bus to secondary school, his bus is 7.20! x

  5. We have strict times when everyone has their "slot" I.e I'm in the bathroom 7.30 - 7.50 (although usually with the 12 year old!). 16 year old gets bathroom time from 7.50 to 8.05, while I'm in kitchen packing up lunches and 12 yo is feeding pets and getting ready for school. 12 yo has breakfast before 7.30, 16 yo has breakfast while we're in the bathroom, and I eat my cereal bar at work! Hubby gets up at 8.05 and sorts himself out. We all leave by 8.15! So still chaos, but organised in such a way that everyone keeps out of the way of each other lol! Not looking forward to having to change the timetable in September when oldest starts college and will need to leave earlier to catch the bus :-/

  6. Love that shade of blue on you. No advice, I'm afraid, I'm an early morning person and there's just cats and a sleepy tortoise to deal with when I get up! x