Friday, 20 April 2012

Denim Bargain

I love a button through denim dress.
They are so versatile.
They can be worn as a dress, with leggings or as a layer over another dress. Even a coat.
I snapped up this dress on the bargain rail at Primark for just £5.00.
It even came with a belt although I have added an old favourite.
I needed to be comfortable today.
This was the second time I got dressed as the first time I got a migraine and went back to bed.
Thank Goodness for Imigran.
Although I am feeling a little spaced out now, the headache of 18 hours has finally gone and I no longer feel sick.
Hopefully, after another night's sleep I will feel revived for the weekend.
Hope your weekend is everything you wish it to be.

I wore:
Boots: Clarks
Dress: Primark
Belt: Tesco
Camisole: Marks & Spencer


  1. Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

  2. Oh migraines are the pits, I used to get them quite a bit, then they miraculously stopped - hurrah!
    Hope you are feeling better. Love your look, denim and tan leather is such a great combination. xxx

  3. Glad you are on the mend. I'd like a denim dress but the few I've tried on felt too stiff. Your looks much softer.


  4. Nice dress - I look forward to seeing it in a summer assemble.

  5. Hope your feeling better soon hun. Nothing worse than a bad head. Loving the relaxed denim look.

    X x

  6. I like dresses like this as well...though I recently parted with mine, as for some reason I had stopped wearing it.

  7. I'm hunting down the perfect denim dress myself - struggling, but I've got another one on it's way from eBay!

  8. love this. i have two denim dresses as they are just so versatile!

  9. OMG, Jane, we are so similar! I have also been suffering from migraine for over 20 years. Only Imigran helps. Although lately whilst having acupuncture for my back I've discovered that it helps against my migraine too. Fingers crossed. Love denin dresses too. What a pity we do not have a Primark in York! Ciao. A.xx