Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Skirting The Issue of Leggings

I am still playing with leggings and have been looking around the blogsphere for some advice.
Imogen supplied the best advice I could find although any suggestions would be gratefully received.
I have to wear these leggings for 21 days (minimum 8 hours a day) with only a 3 day break for maximum effect.
As I am short and rather well padded in the legs department I don't want to wear them under trousers or jeans.
I could have tried wearing them under a maxi dress but as I am trying to clean up the house this was not practicable.
Last time I wore this skirt was here on holiday in Barcelona.
Maybe it is one way of getting in the holiday mood.

Today I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Top - Marks and Spencer


  1. I was going to suggest a maxi dress but you beat me to it. One of those fabulous Indian embroidered cotton tunics would look lovely. x

  2. I think a belted button down shirt could work. Maybe you could borrow one from the husband ?

  3. I am not sure about leggings anymore. My best advise is to make sure your bum is always covered. I have seen so many women wearing them and from behind they are totally see through. I am guessing they are blissfully unaware. Only the very young and very skinny get away with wearing them with short tops. Xxxx

  4. maxi skirts do sound like the best solution, but i think you could definitely throw on a tunic top and dare to wear them as pants. you can pull it off.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Oh, I like Vix and Lyddie's idea! I'm admiring your hair. Do you have layers cut into it?

  6. Vix - I have just got a kafran - I will give it a go.
    Lorena - I will give that one a try.
    Fashionistable - I think you have nailed why they are difficult for me to wear. I am not young or skinny!
    LyddiaGal - I will try tha maxi this week.
    Terri - Thank You. I am trying to outgrow a bob and had layers put in it last week.

  7. Maybe a dark colored short skirt? The colors here seem to cut you into thirds. Of course if you are cleaning house being comfortable comes first.


  8. I like them with a denim miniskirt as you are wearing in one of your photos! Or what about with a long denim shirt/blouse? Are those leggins working actually? I'm thinking of getting a pair for myself...Ciao. A.x