Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Last Supper

Tonight was a final a farewell for the mums at my son's primary school.
For 16 years I have walked down the same path to my children's primary school.
But last Friday marked the final day.
My youngest son was leaving primary school.
The last one.
My eldest son who will be 20 in September led the way when he was four.
Where did the time go?
I know I will see some of the mums again but never again will we all be part of that same group.
Although most of the children will be starting the same High School I know from experience that they will make new friends and there is not the same parental involvement at High School.
I will miss the teachers, the grounds, the annual events such as The Gala, the Nativity Plays and special assemblies and the friendly receptionist who always had a smile for the harassed mum turning up with forgotten dinner money, trainers and inhalers.
I do hold a tiny hope that I will return one day.
My eldest son is training to be a primary school teacher and maybe, just maybe he will end up there.
And then there is always the grand-children.
But back to the glamour of the final farewell.
It had to be a dressy event.
I live in WAG-land where it is not unusual to see Steven Gerrard or Joe Cole in our local restaurant.
Although wisely they stayed away tonight.
It was 2 for 1 Cocktails so the Pina Colada certainly took the edge off the sadness.

I wore:
Dress: Next
Shoes: TK Maxx
Bag: Gap


  1. I know what you feel, but at least you had a "last summer". In our (ex) school there is never been any proper events for the parents. Never mind. The kids were happy and well looked after all the time and I'm grateful to the school staff for this. Love your dress. The colour suits you. By the way I can only leave comments here if I go on Firefox. Otherwise blogger doesn't let me log in. Same with my blog. There must be some conflicts between blogger and Explorer etc. Have a nice weekend. Ciao. A.x

  2. You look stunning, I love the dress!
    It's nice to hear that your son is in a way following your footsteps, though. I hope you will return there one day - with your grandchildren, perhaps, as you say!

  3. these parenting milestones mean so much. a big moment.

  4. Yes, it's kind of empty nest - I understand what you feel. By the way Lunarossa, you might find it easier to leave comments with blogger if you don't tick the "keep me logged in box" - it's a bug I think ! worked for me anyhow.

  5. Thanks Jenny and Antonella I hope that sorts out your problem.
    Biba - Thank You so much.
    Ebbandflo - You are so right.

  6. One of the milestones that mark our lives. You look lovely for the occasion.