Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Favourite t-shirt dress + leggings

My husband was not impressed when I went to bed in my leggings last night.
"What are these?" he asked.
I was forced to confess my leggings experiment and to say that to make them work I needed to wear them for eight hours a day and as I hadn't put them on until 4pm (due to taking youngest to see new Harry Potter film) I needed another few hours in them.
He was not impressed.
I took them off.
If my legs don't look like Jennifer Aniston's then it will all be his fault!

Dress - Ciel
Leggings - Lytesse
Shoes - Mantaray


  1. Oh dear! Lovely as they look on you during the day by night they'd be right ol' passion killers!
    That pink dress is beautiful with your blonde hair. x

  2. I thought "If I've been told to sleep with my retainers in at night to keep my teeth straight, it must be the perfect time to wear those tights." Good thing I never got around to commenting! Would the outfit would have worked better belted?

  3. Ha! I've worn leggings to bed. They're just so comfy!

  4. I've reluctantly taken off my Fit-Flops at bed-time in the two months I've owned them. I'm convinced that they're making my bum 'more' perky (well just 'perky' would do!) So good luck with the leggings. The very nice pink dress does avert the eye from them. But you must be suffering in this muggy weather. Il faut souffrir pour être belle as the French say.

  5. Oh, I want to give you a hug. I have done things too that I am reluctant to tell my husband about...

    Good for you for climbing back on the campaign today!