Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Almost Ready To Come Back

My course is finally over and I am so looking forward to catching up with you all again.
I have missed you.
I am now a fully qualified English teacher but.........
I will not be working as an English teacher.
One thing I learned from the course is that I do not want to be an English teacher.
But the experience has been so worthwhile as I have a wonderful new job to look forward to in September.
I will be working as a Progress Coach at a sixth form college.
It is a fantastic college with around 2,000 students and I will be working with the teachers there to make sure that each and every one of the students in my cohort fulfill their potential.
I can hardly wait.
It is a term-time only job which means I will have some spare time to write.
The past year has been a challenging one with the loss of my wonderful father but there is still so much to look forward to.
Tomorrow should be my graduation and I was hoping to post a picture here but it clashed with my son's Leavers' Mass.
Both events were scheduled for 2pm.
Can you believe it?
Of course there is no contest.
I cannot miss my son playing "The Lazy Song" on his electric guitar.
So here we are raising our glasses to a bright new future.
Both of us will be starting brand new schools and fantastic new adventures in September.
See you all very soon when a normal service will be resumed!


  1. Congratulations Jane - your new job sounds right up your street and I think the students you work with will be lucky to have you! You've worked so hard - well done, and take a well deserved drink on me! x x x x

  2. Congratulations Jane! So excited you're coming back! Missed you much - hope to see you posting again! It was a real treat to receive your post in my reader.

  3. Congratulations! Oh, I'm so happy for you! And I'm happy for the blogland as well, I've missed your inspiring outfits.

    It's great to hear you've found a job you're looking forward to. I'm a qualified English teacher as well (TEFL, of course) but I don't enjoy teaching either. I quite like teaching seniors, but other than that, I'm much happier with translating.

    So, good luck with the new chapter in your life! And, of course, congratulations to your son as well!

  4. It's so nice to see your pretty face and read your comments !
    First of all Congrats !! although now I am a little worried about an English teacher reading my posts !

  5. So glad you're coming back and I'm not surprised you didn't find teaching English to be your niche... I had a very similar experience! All the best until you're back again!

  6. Hi, dear Jane, so nice to hear from you again! Congratulations on your graduation and on your new job! But special congratulations to Ben for his leavers' party. My daughter is leaving primary on Thursday too. I expect flows of tears...especially mine! Time goes so fast. Hope the rest of the family is well too. All the best and hope to "read" you soon. Ciao. A.

  7. Jane, it is wonderful to see your lovely face. And you look happy. Congratulations to you and your son.


  8. Congratulations on your graduation and your new job! Your son will always remember that you were there for him on his big day and that's a better memory for you both. You look very good in that photo - though sadly channelling autumn clothes. So glad to know that you'll soon be back with us bloggers!

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  10. I have missed you and your outfits, Jane! Congratulations on your course, your new job and your son's Leaver's Mass (I'm not sure what that is, but it sounds like a big deal!).