Friday, 29 July 2011

Like Mother Like Daughter

There was an interesting feature in the Daily Mail yesterday about mothers and daughters sharing clothes.
It made me smile.
My daughter has been raiding my wardrobe for nearly two years now and she is 14.
I am a UK10 and Briony is a UK8. She is a few cms taller than me and has slightly bigger feet which means our wardrobes are interchangeable.
The other week we bought our first shared item - a Top Shop maxi skirt.
I couldn't justify spending £40 on a skirt but with my NUS student discount and the fact that it would be used in two wardrobes seemed to justify the spend.
Amazingly, the light has changed the skirt from red to coral but the real colour is somewhere between these two pictures.
I think Briony looks much better in it than me but it is very useful for covering up those damned leggings on a night out!

I wore:
Skirt - Top Shop
Top - Next


  1. I definitely agree with Franca!
    My little girl, who's turning seven in September, can't wait to start raiding my wardrobe...:) And to be honest, I'll be flattered if, let's say, in five years' time, she still likes my clothes!

  2. I love your maxi skirt. You guys look fabulous :)

  3. You both look lovely in the skirt. It is indeed a good cover up for those leggings. I was wondering, are the leggings hot? Maybe you are having mild weather right now.


  4. You both look gorgeous in that beautiful maxi skirt. How lovely for Briony to have such a cool and fabulous mum. x
    PS So sorry about your Dad, it's been a year since I lost Mum and it's still very odd.

  5. My mother and I are very different sizes and shapes, yet occasionally, there is an item of hers that I steal and vice versa - we've decided it's because she wears things at the waist and I wear them at the hips. None the less, it's a fun part of when she comes to visit me, now that I'm living away from home. She gets to raid my closet to take all of her clothing back!

  6. You both look great. Terrific wheeze to cover those leggings. I borrowed a nice coffee coloured top from my 91 year old mother's wardrobe last week. I had walked to her flat in the muggy weather and arrived perspiring and over-heated in my thick polo shirt. Her simple cotton top looked much nicer with my khaki cut-offs and Mr EM spontaneously complimented me on it when I returned home wearing it.

  7. Franca - thanks.
    Morjca - it will come round only too quickly.
    Eek - you are so kind.
    Darla - the weather here has been a little cool but it is hotting up I am told by the weathermen.
    Vix - Thank You. I feel for you. It is never easy to lose a parent.
    Cara - that means there is no hope for my wardrobe for the next 20 years!
    Elegancemasion - I love your story; it gives me hope!

  8. Don't tell you daughter, but I like the way it looks on you the best. Very elegant.