Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Small Fabric Last Year. London Fashion Week This Year (Almost!)

I apologise for the absence of posts but I have been struck by the nasty Novovirus - at least I think that is how you spell it.
I haven't managed to get dressed most days so there isn't really much to post.
But as I recover it gives me the chance to tell you about Susan Comer.
I wrote about Susan last year here.
Today she let me know that she is on her way to London for the off-schedule London Fashion Week next Friday at the A La Mode International Catwalk Show which you can read about here.
I was so impressed with Susan's unique wearable art that I commissioned her to transform two of my mother in law's vintage evening gowns into tippets.
I gave one to my mother in law for Christmas and the second one is for her birthday on Monday.
The Christmas Gift came with a small hand-made leather book which contained photographs of the process from ball gown to tippet and a little story.
I had tried to get the gowns repaired but they were beyond hope.
My mother in law will be 82 on Monday and I will be giving her the mint green tippet then.
While I may not be dressed for the ball you can get an idea of how fantastic this would look over an evening gown.
She has chosen to drape the bronze tippet over one of her living room chairs which looks very elegant indeed.
While she no longer attends the glamourous balls of her younger days she can still enjoy the memories woven into the folds of silk and satin.


  1. Fabulous...what a way to salvage a gown. I'm sure your mom-in-law would love it. xoxo

  2. What a great idea and such a lovely present x

  3. Just like to say how thrilled I was to receive such beautiful dresses to work on. As I worked I imagined your mother-in-law enjoying cocktails and dancing till dawn whilst wearing the beautiful gowns, such amazing fabric. Lovley to see how you wear the tippet Jane, that is the purpose of my work, I want the wearer to interact and make their own decisions. I adore the thought of your mother-in-law's chair sporting a beautiful accessory!

  4. What a creative gift. You gave me a new word too. I had no idea what a tippet was so I looked it up.


  5. Fabulous...what a way to salvage a gown. I'm sure your mom-in-law would love it. xoxo