Sunday, 7 February 2010

Back To School

One of my multiple roles as a writer is as a Creative Practitioner with Creative Partnerships.
CP is part of the Government strategy to encourage children to learn in a creative way.
It aims to bring in professionals working in creative fields and help raise aspirations.
I have been working in a school in Liverpool with a group of delightful seven and eight-year-olds, helping them create a school magazine.
Today the children interviewed each other to produce some entertaining author profiles and on Thursday I am taking them on a tour of my old newspaper, The Liverpool Echo.
Who knows I may have inspired a future Kate Adie or Jeremy Paxman.

I wore:
Boots and cardigan - Tesco
Dress - Next


  1. What an awesome dress! It almost looks like pages from a book, with that elaborate border. Very beautiful!


  2. Wow... how interesting, I have always wanted to go into teaching... maybe someday I will.
    It must be very rewarding to have a job where you can make a difference.... :)
    btw.. lovely dress!

  3. Gorgeous dress!

    Gosh, the Liverpool Echo. That brings back memories. That's where we used to meet, all those years ago lol.

    Have a great day

  4. I would have loved that at their age - no doubt someone will make it their dream!

  5. lovely dress- love it with the boots and cardi!

  6. What great work commitments you have! Congratulations! It's wonderful to contribute to children's education...Ciao.A.

  7. Pretty dress under that coat :)

  8. That's such an interesting work... I always love mentoring kids.

    I love your dress and your coat. xoxo

  9. That sounds like such a fun job. I love working with that age group because life is still exciting to

    Great outfit!

  10. Lovely combination! I like the shape the cardi makes.