Saturday, 6 February 2010


Forgive my indulgence but I wanted to share one of my favourite family shots with you.
This photograph was taken in 1998 shortly, after my daughter's first birthday and two years before baby number four came along.
With three children under seven we didn't dare do airports preferring to stay closer to home.
This holiday was spent in the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast in Wales.
Our friends from university, Steve and Sandra, hosted our stay at their lovely cottage.
We spent our days beachcombing, body-surfing and taking trips in Steve's motorised dinghy while they would dive.
It was just perfect.
We haven't seen much of Steve and Sandra or their lovely daughters over the past few years so I was delighted to get a letter this weekend informing us of a new addition to their family - Daisy.
Daisy is a classic VW campervan which Sandra has refurbished to launch a holiday home hire business.
Sadly it only sleeps four so we won't be able to hire it out for our fmaily holiday just yet but I can't think of a better way to enjoy the Pembrokeshire countryside.
On second thoughts maybe my husband and I might just sneak in a weekend away on our own.
If you want to find out more take a look here.


  1. What an adorable family pic... and Daisy is such a cutie. I love the van. xoxo

  2. Thats a lovely family photo, must bring back some lovely memories!!

  3. What a wonderful family photo!

  4. Oh great - good photo, perfect location Wales (but then I'm biased) and a VW camper, the petit garcon loves them - must book a holiday there. details please!!

  5. Where's my comment gone? Anyway, I thought I'd left a comment saying that you hadn't changed much in the 12+ years since the photo must have been taken!

  6. Gorgeous photo, gorgeous family and gorgeous van. Takes me back ~ we used to have an orange VW camper called Frank. We loved him! He complimented my turquiose VW Beetle called Sigmund :-)

  7. What a beautiful family!

    When I grew up, my parents had a dark blue VW Vanagon that we loved. It wasn't a camper, but the back seat folded into a full-size bed, and it was perfect for car-camping for stretching out in the trunk to watch fireworks. I miss that car.

  8. Love your family photo and the VW camper van. Unfortunately, although we are only four, we wouldn't fit in it as both my husband and son are huge! Great holiday idea, though. Have a nice week. Ciao. A.

  9. Love the picture and the story behind it.