Saturday, 6 August 2011

Spots And Bows

I picked up this dress from a little shop near the university where I studies.
Obviously it is far too short to wear without tights so these leggings gave me a summer's lease on the dress without having to wear thick tights.
Maybe I am not as bored as I thought of leggings.
Although I am getting fed up of washing them every night.

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Dress - Boutique
Leggings - Lytesse


  1. What a nice relax and confortable style you have.
    Leggings are great to wear with shorter dresses i wear leggings often - ARIANE

  2. The sweater really ties (pin intended!) it together colorwise.


  3. very cute.... :)

  4. Jane, I'm so happy to see you back posting! I have always loved your style. :)

    I just can't do the leggings's just not me!

  5. Leggings have really become a vital part of our wardrobe for making a lot of transitions. Just when I think I can get rid of them, they creep back into my wardrobe!
    Love your outfit--love the color and cute shoes~

  6. aww, i just love the little bow print! so sweet!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Muy bonito !
    I just picked up a bow top :)
    Maybe we are reading the same blogs...haaha.