Monday, 1 August 2011

A Pledge

I have decided that September will herald a turning point in my wardrobe.
I pledge to edit my wardrobe leaving only clothes that make me feel and look fabulous.
I also pledge to only buy what I really need to build on my existing wardrobe.
I will change the habit of a lifetime and go for quality not quantity.
I will buy no more frivolous items because they looked OK but were cheap.
Everything must work with my wardrobe and with me.
When I return from my holiday I will cull my wardrobe and divide the spoils between charity shops and selling on eBay.
Meanwhile here is one of those OK but cheap buys that make up the mainstay of my existing wardrobe.
This £3 tunic from Primark is OK but not fantastic.
At least it works with the leggings.
Oh, and my final pledge is NEVER to wear leggings EVER, EVER again!

I wore:
Leggings - Lytesse
Tunic - Primark


  1. Great philosophy! I get rid of anything that didn't make me feel fabulous so whatever is in my wardrobe I can wear in full confidence.
    You look gorgeous, bet you'll be thrilled to ditch those leggings. x

  2. I love your pledge! I am trying to do the same, a month at a time. It is still so tempting to go for the bargains, even if they are not perfect. I will be following your thoughts on this!

  3. That is a smart pledge that I SHOULD FOLLOW TOO !
    When I am back from vacations I hope that I can raid my closet and get rid of those unflattering items that I almost never wear. Or at least try to.

  4. Well, good luck. It's something I should totally need to do myself...

  5. The leggings will be infamous by then. Are they working?

  6. It will be interesting to watch your wardrobe posts as you stick to your pledge.


  7. I think you've got some great goals! I think it would be so great to have a perfectly edited wardrobe with only pieces that make me look and feel amazing!

    Chic on the Cheap