Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Smart Casual

So, the dress code at my new place of work is smart/casual.
However, when the students are not in college then anything goes - jeans, shorts - as long as it is decent.
How cool is that?
While the senior management team tend to wear suits whether the students are in or not, I have no aspirations in that area.
My official title is Progress Coach.
It is a new role and there are 10 of us who have all started together.
Everyone seems very friendly and so far it seems a happy place to work.
Today, we met the rest of the staff as the teachers returned.
Tomorrow we will be helping enrol students once they have collected their GCSE results.
I can't wait to start meeting the students I will be working with.
I have been told that from now to Christmas will be the hardest term - getting to know all my students, chasing UCAS forms and writing UCAS references.
But, it can't be harder than last year with the PGCE, can it?

By the way - I have decided to have a seasonal closet clearout on ebay if anyone is interested - just click here.

I wore:
Jeans - Top Shop
Shoes - Marks and Spencer
Top - Joules


  1. congrats on the new job! A relaxed dress code is always fun, and you look fabulous :)

  2. I can wait to see how the new job translates into new outfits - I'm guessing the tone of each outfit will keep varying depending on what's going on - everything from jeans to suits!

  3. Smart casual sounds interesting. Although I would maybe miss getting dressed up sometimes.
    My current work has a flexible dress code and I will show up one day in heels and the next day in torn jeans.... it all depends on what i am doing and how i am feeling :)

  4. I love the longer 'do - it suits you well!

  5. Smart casual is such a hard task, I used to end up either looking like a mad hippy or like I was auditioning for The Apprentice.
    The job sounds great, really interesting and you look gorgeous in jeans. x

  6. You look so simply chic in this, I love it!

  7. Working with students I would think your wardrobe could be very casual, with perhaps a touch that lets them know you "get" them. I would think being approachable would be important.

  8. I really like your white top, there is something about a white shirt/top and jeans. Maybe it is the classic version of smart/casual.


  9. Smart Causal sounds like an odd description, but I think you look great!

    Chic on the Cheap